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In this post I’m going to tell you some common problems every android user faces but he/she tends to neglect it. Why neglect it if you can solve them, here are 10 common problems we face while using android :-

1. Too many background apps running

It’s the bane of owning a smartphone- apps can, and will, demand data. And when they’re not demanding it, they’re sending it. While you’re on a Wi-Fi connection this will usually be okay. The problem starts when you’re using metered mobile internet.
There are several ways of dealing with running background apps. There can be two problems you might face if more background app ae running- battery draining faster and mobile data used unnecessarily.

First way- Open settings>Apps and see list of running apps, you can force stop apps that you find unnecessary. If you reboot your device then do this again.

Second way- Open settings>Data Usage, here you can check which app uses background data. If you feel to stop that click on three dot button on upper right corner and check Restrict background data.

2. Your phone doesn’t look the same as other phones

Wondering why your friend’s Android has a different look, or built-in apps missing from yours? One way to make your standard Android handset look like your friends’s is to install a launcher that supports themes, such as GoLauncher Ex, Nova Launcher, and many more available on play store. You can have HTC One UI on your non HTC One device by downloading a launcher and selecting HTC One Theme.

3. Your phone slows down after time

Android phones slows down over time. But you can deal with it after reading this.
these tips will help you:-

a. Restarting your phone can kill any resource draining apps.
b. Blocking apps from accessing the internet (as described above).
c. Clearing data and cache of apps. Do this by going Settings>Apps and clear data and cache of specific apps. Or you can do same from Clean Master App.
d. The system Monitor app by Pavel Petrov displays resource use and enables you to kill all non-essential tasks with a single tap.
e. Sometimes too much widgets on home screen can cause a major disaster, remove widgets that are non-essential widgets.

4. Offline maps

Update Google maps, it now has a new feature of saving maps of different areas. You can view maps now without using internet. Cool right?

5. Missed notification

Ever dismissed a notification in error? Or forgot any notification after a while. Or you skipped a birthday reminder accidentally. Either way, you want it back. Now you can get back your notifications back (if you have 4.3 or above android version).

a. Click on add widget.
b. Add a widget of settings on your desired place.
c. Select Notification when a window pops up asking you to choose a shortcut.
d. Voila!Now you click on that widget and see all the notifications.

6. Back button function

Some people have problem using the back button. Actually you might think you know its real function, but unfortunately you don’t. Its real function is to go back to the previous app. Inbuilt back button inside a particular app is for going back to previous page in that app.

7. Some apps doesn’t work after you rooted your device

Rooting your smartphone enables you to run special utilities that require enhanced permissions. Unfortunately some apps can stop running correctly after rooting. You can deal with it by temporarily unrooting your device. You can do this by downloading OTA Rootkeeper or similar apps from Google playstore by searching “Unroot”.

8. The share menu is overloaded

Sharing links is a great way to highlight interesting material to friends, family and even save links to read yourself later when you’re got a bit of spare time on your hands.
With too many sharing options, however, the share menu can become bloated, overloaded with too many choices. You can organise your sharing list by downloading “Andmade Share” from playstore.

9. Quiet hours

There are many apps available on playstore if want quiet hours on your device you don’t have inbuilt quiet hour function. With this function you can set at what time you want your device to be on silent or vibrate mode.

10. Battery drains overnight for no apparent reason

We already discussed many ways of dealing with this earlier. For rooted users, you can download Greenify and save your battery.