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Hey guys! Here I’m gonna show you how to increase your internet download speed to the maximum you should get on your current internet plan.

You might be unhappy about the current internet speed you are getting, you might be getting download speed lesser than what you should get in your current internet plan. Don’t blame your internet provider, it may be because of windows inbuilt settings. Windows inbuilt setting prevents your bandwidth usages and so you get lesser download speed than what you deserves.

Here I’m gonna show you how to change those settings and get maximum download speed. Follow me –

Firstly open speedtest and check your download speed, write down the results to compare them after we finish these settings.

1. Now open run (start+r)
2. Type ” gpedit.msc ” and hit enter.
3. Double click on Administrative Templates on the left side. And navigate to Network from there.
4. Now open QoS Packet Scheduler.
5. Go to Limit reservable bandwidth and open it.
6. You see three checkboxes (Not Configured, Enabled, Disabled), select Enabled.
7. Now change your Bandwidth limit (%): from default to 0 (i.e. if I is 20, change it to 0)
8. Click Apply and then Okay
9. Now check your speed on speedtest, you’ll find an increase in download speed. Compare with the previous result.

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Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how to increase your PCs performance easily.
By default, your PC runs on specific memory, processors and runs background apps that slows down your PCs. I’m going to show you how to handle them.

Okay let’s start…

1. Open run (start+r)
2. Type msconfig and hit enter
3. Go to Boot option and then navigate to Advanced options…
4. Select the checkbox displaying Number of processors and then select the maximum number of processors.
5. Now select the checkbox displaying Maximum memory and select the maximum you can get there.
6. Click OK and then navigate to Startup.
7. Here it will show you the list of apps that runs when your laptop/PC boots up, it also indicates the startup impact.
8. Disable the apps that is high and medium impact and which you feel is unnecessary.
9. Click on Apply and then OK

Now it will demand the system to restart, restart your Computer and feel the increase in speed.
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Although I know this topic isn’t related to Android but I saw people struggling with their limited screen resolution in their netbook and are not being able to upgrade their windows to windows 8. Here I’m gonna show you how to overcome that problem easily and safely. Follow the instructions very carefully or you might end up with frustration.

Note that making errant registry changes can disable your system so be extremely careful!  You are responsible for making and changes to your system.

Here is how I did it:

1. Press Windows Key + R, this will  brings up the Run dialog, then type:- regedit.exe


2. Scroll to the top and click on ‘Computer’

3. From the menu above choose ‘Edit’ then ‘Find’ (or ‘Ctrl + F’)

4. In the Find dialog type: Display1_DownScalingSupported

5. Hit the Find Next button (it will search for that text and may take some time)

6. When it finds the Key, click on the name in the right side and it will bring up a dialog that allows you to modify the value.  Change the value to 1

7. Hit F3 to continue the search and change that value to 1 for each Display1_DownScalingSupported key found (most probably you will find only one find)

That’s it. Now close the window and reboot your system and check whether it worked or not… I positive that it will work.

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